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Consumer Education

Retailer FAQs

How long is the shelf life?
At 4 degrees C 5 days.
At 1 degree C 10 days
Do not display at room temperature unless punnets are selling quickly.

Has this fruit been genetically modified?
No- the fruit has been developed naturally by plant breeding programmes.

How many varieties are there and are there different colours?
There are a number of varieties grown in New Zealand. The main varieties that are in commercial production are Takaka Green, K2D4 and Marju Red. The varieties have been developed through private plant and Hort Research breeding programmes to develop varieties best suited to the New Zealand growing conditions.

The varieties ripen at slightly different times of the season, making NZ KiwiBerry available for a longer period of time.

Why does it cost so much compared to Zespri Green or Zespri Gold?
Because of the size of the fruit it is expensive to pick and handle through the postharvest chain compared to the larger fruit of Zespri Green and Zespri Gold, which can be handled in larger volumes, they also have much higher yields making the growing costs per kg considerably less than KiwiBerry.

NZ KiwiBerry is also air freighted to international destinations, which is significantly more expensive than the sea freight used for traditional kiwifruit.

It is better to compare production costs with those of Cherry and Blueberries, both of which are expensive fruit items.

Restaurant FAQs

Where can I buy NZ KiwiBerry?
NZ KiwiBerry is sold by licenced exporters into a number of countries and within NZ.
Check out the current supplier list below to contact someone near you or contact us for more information.

What can be made with NZ KiwiBerry?
NZ KiwiBerry is a versatile fruit that can be used in salads, kebabs, drinks and sweet dishes where other berry fruit might be used.

About KiwiBerry

KiwiBerry are small - in the 5 - 20 gram range, with smooth hairless edible skins, and shapes varying from round to elongated.
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