What is NZ KiwiBerry?

The healthy NEW no fuzz, no fuss, SUPER SNACK”

NZ KiwiBerry is the name used in New Zealand for actinidia arguta. In some countries they are also known as Baby Kiwi.

NZ KiwiBerry is a species within the Actinidia family and as such is a kiwifruit. It is more correctly known as Actinidia arguta or A. arguta which grows wild in parts of China and is also found in north-eastern Siberia, Korea and Japan. Globally there is thought to be less than 200 hectares planted for commercial production.

The main producing countries who supply the international market are New Zealand, USA, Canada and Chile. It is also known to be growing in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.


The majority of plantings are in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand located on the east coast of the North island.
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